juli 20, 2014

Hoe werkt Global Ad Share en wat is het?

Dear Member,

First, welcome to all new members.

As of today, our members have earned over $2,902,719.14 (in less
than 10 months since launched). Great job everyone! Keep promoting
your link and share our program with others. New features and more
improvements are currently in the making and you do not want to be
left behind. If you are serious about making money online, we will
do all that we can to help you succeed, but you must make that
first step. If you have not done it, upgrade your account now and
buy as many adpacks as you can.

Since we have built-in cyclers, the sooner you upgrade (and the
sooner you buy adpacks), the sooner you will start earning. Please
do not miss the opportunity.

Only upgraded members can buy adpacks (free members can buy Mini
adpacks only) and only upgraded members can make withdrawals.

To be fair to all members (regardless of their spending power),
we have set daily limits on purchases.

Daily purchase limits:

2 Standard adpack = 2 x $10 = $20
2 Premium adpacks = 2 x $20 = $40
1 2×2 adpack = 1 x $12 = $12
1 Mini adpack = 1 x $5 = $5
1 Turbo adpack = 1 x $10 = $10
1 Mega adpack = 1 x $10 = $10
1 Express adpack = 1 x $8 = $8

Total = $101 (9 adpacks) maximum per day



Please protect your account at all times.

When changing passwords, please do not use previous passwords or
passwords that you used in other programs (TEs, safelists, mlm
programs, etc). Those programs may not encrypt passwords and they
can easily be stolen. Also change passwords to your email accounts.
Many hackers get access to your accounts through your emails. I have
seen the same members keep getting hacked.

Your dashboard shows the last time you accessed your account. If you
think your account has been compromised, please check your Profile
page immediately and make corrections as necessary then go to your
Security page and change your password.

If you forget your password, please do not send a support ticket.
Admins can not see or change passwords (they are encrypted). You must
click Forgot password from the Login page to reset your password. If
you tried Forgot password several times, make sure that you use the
password from the last email (all other passwords are no longer valid).

It is your responsibility to protect your account from unwanted access.


SolidTrustPay is temporarily not available in the states of Texas. We
will add them back as soon as they have their licensing and legal to
operate in the state.


We are working to bring “transfer cash” back (with some limitations).


We have been very busy this past week and, as a result, withdrawals
may take a little longer than normal. We process all withdrawals
manually and check for errors to protect our members accounts.

All withdrawals will be processed in the order they are received.
Normally they will be completed within 72 hours (depending on how
busy we are), unless there are delays with the payment processor.

We process withdrawals several times a day… depending on how many
are ahead of you, we will get to your request sooner or later. Please
be patient and, to avoid further delays, allow up to 72 hours before
sending a support ticket asking about your withdrawal request.

Please read the warning on the Withdrawal page for details.


From time to time we may do a system upgrade and/or maintenance to
improve our servers and network. It may take several minutes to several
hours for this to be completed depending on the scope of work.

During maintenance, you will see a message on the screen and you
will not be able to login or make purchases (to protect our database).
Once the maintenance is completed, the message will disappear and you
will see our normal home page again. If you still see the maintenance
screen after it is completed, please clear your cache and restart
your browser.



We can not create your subscription.. it is created when you upgraded
your account.

Your payment processor sends the money to us automatically every month
based on the subscription you created. We are not responsible for early
payments or late payments (or no payments)… it is between you and
your payment processor.


If you have problems with Turing numbers, after entering the Turing
number, please wait a few seconds before hitting the Login button.
Depending on how busy our server is, this may give our server
enough time to synchronize the Turing number generated in the system
and the Turing number you entered so they can be matched.


Although sponsoring others is optional, you can earn a lot more if
you do. Our top earners have at least 5 – 10 direct referrals.

They earn from their referrals when their referrals make purchases
and when their referrals cycle (when they earn income). Yes, you
earn money when your recruits earn!

Some earn more from their referrals than from their own efforts.

When members do well in our system, we make sure that their sponsors
are also doing well or even better. This encourages members to help
their referrals succeed because the more money their referrals make,
the more money they will make.

Please do not SPAM, force, lie to, or cheat others to make them join
our program. Always state FACTS and tell the TRUTH. Anyone caught
misleading others or SPAMming will be terminated immediately.


To maximize your earnings, you must diversify (buy different adpacks).
You can build your account as big as you want it. Our top earners
built their accounts for several months (buy adpacks with their earnings),
and now they can withdraw thousands a month (most of them spent less
than $200 out-of-pocket).

Our top earners are buying different adpacks regularly (whenever
possible). The more adpacks you have, the more you will earn from
profit sharing (immediate income) and the more positions you have
in the cyclers (long term growth/income). Many of you buy the same
adpacks every day… although all adpacks are good (and expire at
150%), they have different payplans and re-entries (longevity).

Positions are cycling in the order they are created (no sponsoring
needed to cycle). The sooner you buy an adpack, the sooner your
position will cycle.

You will get 150% of your purchase cost through profit sharing…
so please treat CYCLING as a BONUS (no matter how long it takes). This
way you are not waiting for it (many other so called rev share programs
do not have built-in matrices and cyclers… income comes from profit
sharing only).

And remember, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You will not make
thousands in a week or a month, but with good strategy and persistence,
it is possible to make thousands in a month (or even in a week) in
the very near future.

Please read the How It Works and FAQ pages (before logging in) for
details about our program. Take your time and read it several times
so you have a complete understanding of our program.


There is no preset time, frequency, amount, or percentage for profit
sharing. It varies throughout the day depending on the number of sales
(upgrades and purchases). Those who promised a fixed percentage at a
certain fixed time are guaranteed to fail eventually. You can not make
a promise based on “unpredictable” future sales.

Due to the large number of active adpacks (over 150,000), the profit
sharing is done in stages. Newer members (presumably make less than
older members) will get their profit sharing earlier. As soon as
we have enough sales to distribute the minimum amount of profit
sharing (at this time set at $0.05), the program will distribute it
to the designated active adpacks. This amount may be lower in the
future to increase the frequency of profit sharing distribution.
If you do not receive your profit sharing, please be patient… we
do not control profit sharing distribution… it is based on actual
daily sales.


Please do not send emails! Our email accounts are automated and
unattended. We can not guarantee that you will receive a response
by email. To reach support, please send a support ticket (click
Support on the top menu).

If you have problems with your subscriptions or purchases, please
do not file a dispute with your payment processor. We work very
closely with our payment processors and, regardless of the outcome
which may take days, your account will be terminated. Instead, send
a support ticket so we can resolve it in a timely manner.


Please scroll down and read the “News” section after you logged in
(below the left-side menu). This section displays the last 3 news.
You can click “Read all news” at the bottom of the section to read
all the news from the beginning.


Testimonials and payment proofs can be a very good recruiting tool
as many people nowadays are skeptical to join programs and they are
looking for proofs.

Please click “Testimonials” button on the top menu to submit your

If you submit a proof of payment to a public site (such as forums and
other social media sites), please remove any contact information (email
addresses, phone numbers, etc.). Many accounts have been spammed
and hacked lately. Please help protect your account (and ours) at all
time from possible spammers and hackers.


GlobalAdShare (GAS) is an advertising company. WE ARE NOT AN
INVESTMENT COMPANY! We sell AD PACKS (advertising packages),
we do NOT sell shares. We do not have any affiliation with OTHER

When you upgrade your account or buy Ad Packs, you are buying
advertising services from us. Any income you earned from our site
is either commissions from sales or commissions from the results
of sharing our services with others. When you share our services
with others, we will compensate you for your time and efforts
through commissions and bonuses.

Please do not promote us as an investment company. There is
nothing to invest in or with our company. We do not sell shares!
We are not an investment program that pays a set % per day or any
other type of HYIP.

Promoting our program as an “investment” program is violating our
policy and may result in account termination.


Thank you for your continued support. Please let us know if you
have any questions or need any help.

To your success,
Admin Team

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